Toll Processing

We also offers unique facilities for carrying out customer trials and do job works which is aimed at finding the best possible filler ratio and particle size, suitable for their purpose and at determining the technical warranty parameters. This both on a production- and laboratory/pilot-scale.

Spread over approx. 2200 sq.ft. area, the application testing centre provides ample space for execution of all the basic operations of mechanical and thermal process technology, e.g.:
• Size reduction (dry grinding)
• Granulator technology / shredding
• Air classification
• Sieving, separation
• Mixing, drying, flash drying
• On-line (i.e. direct at the grinding-classifying system) particle size analysis of dry powders in the range 0.5 - 850 µm.

Taking advantage of Malvern Particle Analyzer's Technology, it also means being on the receiving end of our customer service, the scope of which includes detailed test reports containing all the relevant testing data and parameters.

With over 6 machines and complete systems, our application testing centre is ideally equipped to meet every customers' requirement. Annexed to the testing centre is a laboratory equipped with numerous state-of-the-art measuring and testing units for determination of powder properties. All system operating data can be recorded. This enables seamless documentation of the test results that are submitted to the customer. Test systems must always be state of the art if optimum scale-up data are to be delivered. Our plant and machinery is renewed on an ongoing basis and is constantly supplemented with newly developed machines.

Special features of the testing centre:
• Selected systems used for size reduction and classification in the fine and ultrafine range are protected against dust explosions.
• Oil-free and water-free compressed air.
• Hot-gas operation.
• Contamination-free processing trials carried out with special systems for ultrafine comminution and air classification.
• Grinding-classifying circuit mode, e.g.: closed circuit between ball mill and ultrafine classifier; open product circuit between impact mills and sieving machines, air classifiers.Around 500 customer trials are carried out every year aimed at optimum system configuration and determination of process-related guaranteed values.

Please contact us for any kind of grinding work for the non-metallic minerals. Our team would be more than pleased to support you.